5 Pillars of Excellence

3 Process Frameworks

2 Technology & Enablement Platforms

Together, EvolveBPM, LLC is equipped with "5 Pillars of Excellence" that help us enable our clients with an end-to-end and fool-proof demand/lead generation solutions!!

Pillar #1:

Discovery Framework

In a world of business that's getting ever more complex by the day, our revolutionary 6W Framework helps break down the marketing initiatives into more focused actionable toll gated action points.

A robust 7-step six sigma-based framework. It helps to validate and verify every level of lead production and it's toll-gated approach eliminates unqualified leads early on to allow only qualified leads to pass through.

Pillar #2: Citadel

Pillar #3: DDIA

With our DDIA framework, we carefully Define your needs and requirements, Design, and develop a robust solution, Implement the vision to the last detail, and provide you post-campaign analytics.

A intelligent tool to discover a truly transparent view of your marketing activities with Innovator and start realizing value you weren’t even looking for.

Pillar #4: Innovator

Pillar #5: TechBase

Customer intelligence platform powered by Big Data and provides deep insights on companies.

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