Discover a truly transparent view of your marketing activities with Innovator and start realizing value you weren’t even looking for.

Today’s most utilized demand gen channels do no justice to the wealth of B2B behavioral metrics that exist as big data. And traditionally siloed lead program tiers (CPCs, MQLs, SQLs) have effectively steered marketers away from asking—What’s the bigger picture?

The bigger picture is what you’ll miss when you’re only looking for brushstrokes. The bigger picture is a dynamic demand landscape already surrounding your products and services. It’s a complete view of a lead—from contact information to historical engagement and intent cues. It’s every social click, ad click, and brand interaction put into context.

How Innovator Helped

The Innovator platform provides marketers with the best of both worlds.


The reporting features analytics that allow us to convert more MQLs than our Wordpress landing pages combined with the other apps in our Martech stack.


Innovator prompts viewers to interact with more of our content for longer periods of time.


These companies are already gathering more insights from every marketing initiative.

Featured Experiences

What They See

Tailored to your brand and optimized for seamless, uninterrupted engagement, Innovator content experiences allow you to package your content to tell your story exactly the way you want it. Arrange content to speak to a common market pain point, a solution benefit, or targeted personas.

What You See

While viewers scroll and move from one piece to the next, the intelligent monitoring engine captures which assets were viewed and for how long, and automatically scores prospects based on engagement thresholds set by you. This information is aggragated for display in the analytics module, and high-scoring prospects are flagged and routed properly to your CRM.