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How B2Bs Are Growing ROIs By Dominating Intent-based Email Lead Generation in 2020



With the changing world, many b2b organizations have understood the importance of nurturing prospects and customers in order to let the conversions go up and create more and higher revenue opportunities. Historically, the b2b community understands that there is no better tool than Email to achieve this result. However, there are a couple of challenges:

1) A continous section of the community is spreading the idea that Email Marketing is dying or already dead. This is creating confusion among B2B Marketers whether to keep pursuing Email or abandon it for other marketing channels such as Social Media and Search.

2) A huge number of b2b leaders do understand the power of Email Marketing and want to pursue it further. However, they don't have enough prospect data to design their efficient and intent-driven campaigns and looking hard for a tool or two for making this easier for them. 

Whether you think Email is going away or want to make your Email campaigns covert better, this guide is for you.

Email Is Not Dead


Why Email Still Matters More Than Ever for B2Bs?

"Email marketing is dying."

"Social Media is replacing Email."

"Millennials don't like using Email."

All these statements cannot be further from the truth. Email still is the most cost-effective form of reaching out to your customers, whether B2C or B2B -- especially if you are in the B2B space.

In fact, more people use email than social media. According to Pew Research, out of all adults who are online, 92% of them use email. (Whereas, only 79% of Internet users are active on social media.)

"More people use email than social media."

Recently, the Internet was poured with the prophecies about the death of Email Marketing and how it's no more relevant to B2B marketers. You might definitely have come across an article or two yourself. However, in spite of all that, statistics tell a different story.

We, as human beings molded by the digital age, consider Email a part of our lives. In fact, as much as 99% of us check our emails every single day. And it's equally as popular among teenagers as in people over the age of 15.

With over 102.6 trillion emails being sent to people every year and the fact that your email almost reaches 85% of people you have sent it, there's no way email is dying.

The following data shows why B2B marketers can't ignore Email Marketing and why it's still relevant than ever:

  • While only 14% of consumers check social media every morning, almost 58% of them check their emails, according to Optinmonster.

  • A study by Statista finds that almost 33.8% of US email users surveyed check their email throughout the day. If you try and think about it, we all know someone who checks their email as much as 15-20 times a day, don't we?

  • While email has a 22.86% open rate and 3.71% CTR across industries, social media overall engagement rate is only 0.58% (on FB, Instagram, and Twitter)

  • According to MailChimp, abuse and unsubscribing rates on emails sent by companies of 26 employees or more have been in the range of only 0.007% to 0.18%. That's quite less.

  • According to Brilliance, almost 18 out of 100 clicked-through emails resulted in a purchase.

4 reasons why b2b email marketing is not dead

Intent-based Email

Need to Buy Now

Why You Should Start Your Intent-Based Email Lead Generation

B2Bs have been building their Email Campaigns based on buyer personas. They send broad emails on a weekly basis and have no way of saying beforehand whether that appeal to the target email or not.


Considering the results of this old Email Marketing practice might have triggered the idea that email marketing is slowly becoming irrelevant. But, if you think about it, it's not Email that's dead, it's the practice.


On the other hand, b2b campaigns that are designed based on prospects' specific actions i.e. based on prospects' intent, have seen increased engagement and created more opportunities.


Intent-based Email Marketing depends on the use of intent data. Data about your prospects (preferably) in real time on various actions they take online such as visiting a specific website, downloading a particular content, or engaging with a blog post etc.

You can get this data either first-party, as in your own marketing platform or third-party sources such as social networks or other digital properties of owned by others.


The goal of intent data is to be able to make audience segmentation in real time with the most accurate and specific insight into what your prospect really wants when he or she wants it.


You can use this data also to personalize your website, ad campaigns, content strategy and everything that touches your prospects in their buyer journey.

Here are three companies leveraging intent data and email marketing to increased marketing objectives dramatically: 

Email Amid COVID-19

Crowd with Masks

​How Email Marketing Doing Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has created a new normal for everyone in every industry, whether B2B or B2C, whether you're from US, UK, or APAC, a small company or a multi-billion dollar empire.

COVID-19 certainly affected email marketing too, but the pandemic seems to be showing a few positive signs for b2b email marketers:

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The Media and Publishing industry has seen a 3-point increase in open rates (19% year-over-year increase). Click-through rates have risen 23% and click-to-open rates have increased a point.

COVID 19 impact o email marketing

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